What We Do

Clean Eating, Pure and Simple

At Apollo’s Gift, we think that when it comes to clean eating and healthy foods, less is more. As a health-conscious consumer, you are reading labels to make sure that the foods you are purchasing for yourself and for your family are as wholesome and healthful as it can be. That’s why we make our lactose-free cheese with four simple ingredients – rBST-free milk, salt, cultures, and enzymes – 100% natural, nothing artificial. With Apollo’s Gift, eating clean and eating lactose free go hand in hand. Whether you are looking for a quick, healthy snack or a lactose-free cheese to use in your favorite recipe, the choice is simple. Simply good. Simply natural. Simply lactose free.

Real Cheese, Natural & Lactose Free

whatwedo-btmrtApollo’s Gift is made by a Master Cheesemaker in the time honored tradition of Wisconsin cheese making. It is real cheese made the way real cheese is made, pure and simple. And like its cheesy cousins, Apollo’s Gift is creamy, melty, and gooey. The only difference is that we make Apollo’s Gift 100% lactose free…naturally, for you.


“I bought your cheese sticks… They are great! I haven’t been able to eat dairy for a few years.” – Iowa

“Your cheese is more than wonderful. It is lactose free and TASTES GREAT AND MELTS. Thank you sincerely from a lactose intolerant lady.” – Missouri