Our Cheese

Cheeseboard with lactose free cheese - lactose intolerant Good cooks know that the secret to a great dish is the quality ingredients that go into it. At Apollo’s Gift, we’ve worked hard to make sure that we are using the finest ingredients to bring you a wholesome cheese that you can feel good about. And just like you would do at home, we’ve adjusted our recipe, adding a little more of this and a little less of that, to make a truly special cheese your entire family will enjoy.

Naturally Good & Naturally Healthy

lactose free mac n cheeseWe think that cheese that tastes good and is naturally healthy go hand in hand. Apollo’s Gift 100% lactose-free natural cheese is a great low fat source of protein. And because it is made with part-skim milk it gives your body the calcium it needs for strong bones, which is sometimes hard to get. Plus Apollo’s Gift is loaded with beneficial probiotics, the good gut guys. By supplementing our diets with more of these beneficial bacteria, we are helping to defend against illness. Click here to learn more the health benefits of probiotics…

Fresh, Buttery, & Delicious

lactose free dish for lactose intolerant peopleApollo’s Gift combines the fresh taste of Mozzarella with the butteriness of Monterrey Jack for a creamy cheese that tastes great and melts beautifully. And because it is 100% lactose free Apollo’s Gift is a perfect choice for all of your favorite recipes for pizza, lasagna, enchiladas, salads, egg dishes, party dips, and more. The possibilities are simply endlessly delicious. Click here for Delish, Nutrish & Lactose Free recipes and healthy snack ideas.

We’re thrilled to have received so many nice comments from happy customers that we just have to share them.

“DELICIOUS! I have finally found a lactose free cheese that tastes wonderful and melts just like regular cheese! Thank you!!”

“What an excellent job…you’ve managed to make cheese that truly is delicious and real. I’m a fan of the taste of this cheese.” – Tennessee

“I love it so much.” – Missouri

“Just what I would expect from a piece of cheese.” – Wisconsin

Only From Wisconsin


Apollo’s Gift is made in the heart of Wisconsin’s Dairyland, which is known for its rich history of wholesome cheese making. The distinctive blue Master’s Mark ® on the label is an assurance of quality that you can’t get anywhere else. It tells you that experience, technical expertise and artistry went into making the cheese. And it means that you can be confident that you’ve chosen the best cheese from the only place in America where cheesemakers can become true Masters of their craft – Wisconsin. (courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin)